Framing in Sea Girt

A smooth, streamlined framing process is every homeowners dream come true. If your home is in or around the area, S. Tattersall Home Improvements LLC LLC is the leading licensed residential framing experts. We have years of experience under our belts in erecting solid infrastructure that not only meets your high-standards but is up to par with current safety and building codes.

Our competitive bidding process combined with exceptional project management skills and meticulously executed labor guarantees a stress-free experience you can rely on––every time. We provide exceptional services regardless if your blueprints are complex, or you are running on a tight deadline. We are:

  • Licensed
  • Fully insured
  • Bondable
  • Able to provide flexible scheduling to reduce downtime
  • Equipped to handle large-scale and complex projects
  • Committed to honoring set start and finish dates, and providing quick turnarounds

Unbeatable Framing Construction in Sea Girt

Some framing contractors are trained and equipped to handle either lumber or metal work. At S. Tattersall Home Improvements LLC LLC we have the experience and expertise with both materials. Sit down with us for a comprehensive consultation, at no charge. We’d like the opportunity to get to know your home and to explore your goals in greater detail. By combining services and identifying ways to work smart, rather than harder, we can reduce your project expenses without cutting any corners.

Solid Steel Frame Construction

We take our responsibility for solid steel frame construction very seriously. Each member of our crew is made up of hand-selected innovators who are deeply familiar with the latest safety protocol and delivering superior craftsmanship. Whether you are renovating, expanding, reinforcing, or starting from the ground up, our local innovators will connect you with the cost-saving solutions you need to get the job done right. These are just some of our most frequently requested services:

  • Steel
  • Steel floor system installation
  • Metal wall system installs
  • Steel roofing structure design and installations
  • Exterior boxing
  • Roof deck sheathing
  • Steel beams
  • Joists
  • Studs
  • Trusses and truss setting
  • …and more

Wood Framing Contractors

What makes us stand out from other construction framing companies in the surrounding area, the most? We believe in making safe, long-lasting and value-driven professional framing accessible to homes of all sizes. In addition to being experts in the installation of dimensional lumber, we are also qualified to install vaults and trays, as well as to perform technical radius work.

Sometimes putting in lumber frames can end up causing a lot of headaches and delays. These setbacks can be costly. But they can also be easily avoided when you work with the top residential framers in the area. It doesn’t matter if you are currently working on a project that is experiencing problems or if you are running behind schedule, we can turn things around in no time with the addition of one or more of our efficient install teams. 

Friendly Professionals for Your Framing Needs

Call us now to begin your free consultation process, at no charge. We are Sea Girt’s top resource for exceptional craftmanship and reliability. Call to discuss your options and our affordable prices.